Exception in LinqMembershipProvider.cs when deleting Admin user.
Create new user, give Admin and Editor rights.
Login as new user, change Author on FIRST post to new user. Save

Go to Users Section, Delete Admin (or any other user you've created)

"The DELETE statement conflicted with the REFERENCE constraint "FK_BlogUsers_Users". The conflict occurred in database "SQLBlogEngine", table "dbo.be_BlogUsers", column 'UserId'.
The statement has been terminated."

@ Line 231: context.SubmitChanges();

Any ideas on where to look? I've seen this before and went into the DB to manually locate a kill the references so I could elliminate the admin accounts. However, since I;ve tested this with newly created accounts as well, it must be a deeper problem. Since I have a workaround, I'm going to pass on it for now and hope someone else can figure it out.